Welcome everyone! SABF 2012 is already about to begin. All the members of the Organising Team are really glad that this time has finally come.

It is in this event where we will be able to see the results of all the effort the organising team made for long months with the aim of preparing an excellent conference. The main idea is that it provides a space of dialogue and exchange of experiences between younger generations and outstanding current world leaders in different spheres.

Even if the conference will be attended by only 100 accomplished students who were selected by their application essay, we strongly believe it is really valuable to be able to extend this opportunity to a larger audience, so that more people can be part of this experience and in some way, live SABF 2012.

To make this possible, we have been working on the development of a platform in which we will broadcast live Friday’s keynote sessions, we will publish information regarding the conference and allow a spot in which to keep up with the forum’s hot topics through our social networks. This platform is the SABF Live.

Furthermore, you can follow our activities, conferences, etc. from SABF 2012 through our blog and social networks: Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #sabf2012 and our user: @sabf.

We invite you all to join our debates and share with us this incredible experience from any place in the world; we hope you enjoy it!