The “Group Dynamics” was organized by Cristina Gutierrez, Directora y Coach Senior, Hacer Historia Consultores. The idea was that participants try to connect with their origin because that is the background of their identity.

Firstly, the activity consisted of joining in groups of two where one of them have to define his vision for 3 years. On the other hand, the other member of the group have to take three different attitudes: ignorance, denial and acceptance. In this way, the participants learned that in real world we face everyday with these attitudes but not for that we have to stop believing in our vision.

Then, the main idea of the second activity was: “Each one as a leader serves his group. Leader isn´t the one who wants to show himself, it is the one who gives value to others. The challenge is to coordinate all together.“ In this activity, participants interact in groups of ten people, making machines with their bodies, but the peculiarity was that each one was part of the machine and each piece involves the other. After they received the instructions, participants felt differents emotions like confusion and uncertainty, at the same time there were variation in language and thoughts. Those emotions and differences would change when there is the engagement to create value.

Finally, Cristina Gutierrez said : “The world that I want to create starts on me. I create with others, I reinvent myself but without losing the essence.”