The closing ceremony of the eighth edition of South American Business Forum was opened by Rob Britton, director of Airlearn. In this ceremony, Britton pointed out different topics and aspects mentioned by all the speakers of this edition. Particularly, he highlighted the great amount of ideas brought to the table by Guibert Englebienne, Gerry Garbulsky and Rick Dow and he recognized the greatly amount of ideas discussed during the event.

Moreover, he highlighted some important concepts that mentioned as a final message to all participants. He proposed three values to follow in our lives: honesty, integrity and gratitude. Furthermore, he recommend to pursue the humility of the great leaders. Finally, he asked three questions that every participant should ask themselves: What would you do different? How would you keep in touch? and What would you do to make a difference?

SABF 2012 was closed, finally, with an special speech made by directors Lucas Diaz and Paula Montaldi. They thanked participants, speakers, organizers and all members of their university, ITBA.

As the blog team, we want to thank all those who followed SABF 2012 from this blog and our Twitter account, as well as those who have helped us making it possible.