SABF 2010 finally got to an end by means of the speech of Diego Luzuriaga, Co-founder and director of Equitas Ventures. After having participated of the forum the three days, Luzuriaga closed SABF Sixth Edition with a presentation with which he enhanced some phrases and ideas that burst out along this three days of SABF:

“We need habitants to be citizens” – Rabino Sergio Bergman

“You have to deal with the world that exists, not with the one you want it to be” – Félix Peña

– *“We don’t have to try to have a big idea. We have to take old ones and make them even better” *– Andrés Freire

“If they give us bread for today, tomorrow we die of hunger” – Patricia (Zimbawe)

“All the world can change something, that’s Ashoka’s motto. Synergy implies that the sum is much larger than the parts” – Guillermina Lazzaro

Afterwards, he stressed that participants of this year are leaving SABF with a lot of energy, a new vision and a strong commitment. On the other hand, Luzuriaga proposed three vectores to guide participants after SABF: professional training, support diversity and change and search personal control.

Before opening a space for questions, Diego left a phrase for participants to reflect: Will you be capable of contributing with the global drums, mantaining your own rhythm and joining the new global concert? Will you be capable of recognizing the blessing of doing it in every single moment of your lifes?