My dad sent me this interesting article from The Economist.

After reading this article it seems obvious why development in Argentina is not working. A lot of policies taken by the government are aimed towards preventing short term consequences, but they are not looking into the future. What type of country are they leaving to us?
When you start searching about this kind of matter, you realize that everything could change, how? Only changing the kind of decision makers we have now ruling our country. Is it possible? I hope more honest and ethical people are being raised, I’m hoping our generation won’t repeat past mistakes… hope is just the starting point, from there, we need real actions. As a member of the SABF staff, we are trying to make a difference, I think, by getting involved. Maybe it seems utopist and adolescent, but in my opinion, that’s the only way to make good things happen.

Fortunately, there are some countries in South America which understood the importance of vision and they are building their future, such as Brazil or Chile. When all Latin-American countries will be pulling in the same direction?