We would like to share with you an international business conference organized by students from Princeton University.

The Business Today International Conference provides a unique and valuable opportunity for college students to meet, interact, and learn from high level executives and political leaders. Held in the heart of New York City, it brings together 150 students from across the country and around the world to discuss and share perspectives on relevant business issues, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of current world leaders.

The Conference is organized into a format of both keynote speeches and intimate executive seminars, and each student is guaranteed the opportunity to speak personally with the executives in attendance. The Conference is an all-expenses paid event for the selected students, less a small administrative fee. Attendance is highly selective, with over 1000 applicants for 150 spots.

This year it will take place in New York on November 23nd to 25th under the topic: “The Dynamics of Leadership: Transformation and Innovation in the 21st Century“. To apply, students must answer one of the three questions you can find in the application form in 250 words or less. The application deadline is on 25th May.

Hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity!