Only a few days ago, …

“Safe and clean drinking water and sanitation became a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights” (Read more)

Finally, after debates, discussions, sacrifice, effort and others, access to potable and clean water was recognized, by an international organism, as a basic right for all human beings.

Now, we cannot deny the reality that currently surrounds us: several institutions, organisms and governments will not be capable of guaranteeing that right. That’s why we need to become agents of change and start the change by ourselves, give the best of ourselves; even if we feel it’s something too small to contribute, everything can help.

Some time ago, in one of our articles published in this blog, we provided you with a flyer with 10 easy, simple and practical advices on how to reduce water consumption. Advices you, we, us, they and EVERYONE can put intro practice.

Wishing to give ” our sand granite” we got in contact with Espacio Agua to help with the difusion of rational and intelligent water consumption. Furthermore, we collaborate with DOW LIVE RUN EARTH Buenos Aires. In that event, signatures were gathered so that access for potable and clean water became a human basic right.

(*) The 6th Edition of the South American Business Forum ( 6, 7 and 8th – August- 2010), will count with one speech delivered by Esteban Corio, Coordinator of Espacio Agua. Some members of the SABF Team will be broadcasting the event live and upload short summaries of the SABF conferences. Esteban’s speech will be uploaded as well so we kindly invite you to visit the blog this friday and read his plenary.

In a previous post we also released the story of the School nº136 Nicolasa Vera Luna from Chamical a city located in the province of La Rioja. It was a big and happy episode for us because, by means of our blog, this people had been informed about the development of the marathon and had decided to provide something for rational water consumption to be diffused. We got in contact with this school, gave them a hand, and then they told us they had runned a marathon in their city, with their students.

This argentinean school soon became an example of a group of people that, with a clear objective in mind, put its ideas into practice. That’s not a minor detail because many of us fail to do it; and that’s something we cannot pretend to remain like that “forever”.

On the contrary, like Gandhi said years ago, *“Be the change you want to see in the world”. *Before waiting for others to change or for organisms/institutions to provide us with solutions (it’s clear that they are not capable of giving us solutions, at least for the short term), it’s our obligation, as citizens, to play an active role and put into practice our ideas.

As a conclusion, we invite you to watch this short but concise video that invites us to take the deep step and become agents of change. Without caring about how simple it may seem what we are doing we got to think everything helps, everything…

Nicolás Daniel Loreti  – Patricia Soledad Fernández Bugna