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**SABF Newsletter**
This is the first edition of the SABF newsletter, in which we will keep you updated with SABF-related news as we gear up towards our next edition, which will take place on August 7th-9th 2009.
## **Find your place before May 10th!**

You only have time until May 10th to upload your essay, which must be based on this year’s main topic which is “New Paradigms, New Challenges”. Apply Now!


Learn more about the main topic

In the past few weeks we were honored by having Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber answer a few questions regarding climate change. In addition, Adriana Méndez, a specialist in enabling processes of change, wrote an essay about Universal Leadership.



Video & Magazine

We invite you to discover more about the SABF through our official Video and Magazine. We hope you like them, and please be aware that you may share them with whoever you want!


Confirmed Speakers

Some of the confirmed speakers up to date are: Robert Crandall (Former CEO, American Airlines), Alexandre Hohagen (Latin America Managing Director, Google Inc.), **Rolando Meninato **(President, South Region Latin America – DOW), R. Viswanathan (Ambassador of the Republic of India to Argentina), and Guillermina Lazzaro (Director, South Cone Region, Ashoka). You may find the full list in the Speakers Section of our website.

The SABF 2009 will be a unique event, which will gather 100 students from around the world. People from over 50 countries have already subscribed for the SABF, including: Germany, USA, Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Chile, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Australia. We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to take part of an unforgettable experience where the leaders of tomorrow, together with the leaders of today, share their ideas and try to find a way to contribute to the sustainable development of our region!
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