We are pleased to celebrate with you more than 2 months old of our Blog. We believe that we have many things to improve, that is why we would like you to tell us what issues/topics would be of your interest to discuss in the Blog. This really matter to us because we are looking to generate a dialogue with all the people interested in the SABF and its goals.

Moreover, we want to remind you that there are only 38 days left to the end of the SABF´s application period.The Forum that gathers 100 students from all around the world waits for your contribution! It will take place at Buenos Aires on August 8th, 9th and 10th.

In order to apply, you must write a brief essay giving your opinion on the main topic: “Empowering Agents of Change”, making focus on one of the following sub-topics: entrepreneurship, institutions or resources. If you need some help to define a subject, don’t forget to check this Blog. If you are interested in reading past edition´s essays that were selected to participate of the SABF, find them here:

Finally, would like to share with you that we have a Facebook group, “South American Business Forum – 2008”, in which you can get in touch with the organizing team, past participants, delegates and more people interested in the SABF. Don’t hesitate to join our group and invite all your friends, you just must enter here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9174651500.

We hope you may participate this year of the Forum. Don’t let the days pass by, you have time until May 11th to send us your essay! If you have any doubts or comments, please get in touch with us at: students@sabf.org.ar.