In a presentation called “The flavour of taste and phenomenal changes”, Nabeel Goheer, director of Strategic Planning and Evaluation of Commonwealth Secretariat, pointed out different events and phenomena of the current society.

Goheer mentioned that events like the evolution of science and technology have been essential for our daily life. But… Aren’t we playing to be gods? When facing situations as studying human genes or when dissolving virtually all distances through communications, we are facing processes that will cause challenges. Particularly, we need to analyze rationally what we do and where we are going.

He added that** solutions have to be a result of collective thinking and leadership**. He also said that it is necessary to integrate our multiple identities (as sons and daughters, as students, as friends…) and that young people are the ones who have the power to change what they think is not working. However, we have to always keep in mind that social changes take time.