After lunch, students have continued participating in different workshops. The speakers of the Dynamic Keynotes were: Roxana Víquez Salazar, Daniela Kreimer, Pierre Ianni and Nora Brown.

Roxana Víquez Salazar is Regional Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at BAC, Credomatic Network. She analyzed the dimension that RSE (Corporate Social Responsibility) has taken. “CSR is the answer of managers to the multiple risks derived from economic, political, cultural and social changes from nowadays. In this sense, Víquez attributed the growth of this phenomenon to a growing environmental awareness, a higher understanding of Human rights and the development of communication through social networks. Finally, she stated that “The main objective of CSR is to contribute to sustainability”.

Pierre Ianni is an Industrial Engineer who works as Industrial Director at PSA Peugeot Citroen for Latin America. His presentation was about the importance in business of generating relationships in order to encourage and improve the performance of employees. “This implies a managerial renovation that needs companies to remember that they are also a human community with people linked by values, a vision and shared projects, as well as by feelings and emotions”.

Daniel Kreimer has a degree in Business management and is the President of the Argentine Foundation for Social Enterprises. She highlighted as essential the role social enterprises must achieve in order to find a solution for short and long term issues, emphasizing in how governments should promote these social enterprises policies.
“The fact that exists a social goal becomes the project financially and economically sustainable. A social investor will get his money back (it’s not a donation), they have to take care for the environment and wages should be competitives as in other companies”.

Nora Brown is the Chief Operating Officer at Global Business School Network . She remarked the importance of social networks as a mean of sharing ideas for collaboration among people interested in the same cause.
“Social Networks mean to be opened to new ideas and to be part of the modern dynamic”. In order to remark her idea of social network as a way to generate a change, Brown presented a video in which we can appreciate the impact when we take a decision.