Bruce Cahan, speaker of 2009 SABF, sent us this exciting event to share with you. It’s a competition organized by Ashoka Changemakers and Artemisia with the aim to **search for global model initiatives and ideas that help build the emerging field of social business. **Both organizations believe social business is a powerful engine for serving vulnerable and low-income communities by delivering the critical goods and services they need to improve their lives and lift themselves from poverty.

In order to participate, you must submit a social business models that sparks profound transformation in the way social businesses achieve financial viability and scale up the reach and impact of social business initiatives. They are looking for initiatives that can scale up to improve millions of people´s quality of life. The Jury will evaluate innovation, social impact and sustainability.

By registering your initiative in the challenge’s website you will compete for a financial support of U$S 5000. Besides the cash award, this challenge provides very interesting opportunities as: to be visible to many stakeholders related to the theme, receive feedback about your initiative, learn about others, connect with colleagues who are developing social businesses around the world and vote for your favorites.

**You have time until June 9th **to send your application. For further information, you may visit the challenge’s website.