The 12th Edition of the World Business Dialogue (Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress, OFW), will be held in Cologne, Germany, on April 1st and 2nd 2009. Entirely organizad by students, the forum has been done every two years since 1985.


This year’s main topic is entitled “The Integrated Challenge: Resources, China & Customer Revolution”, and it makes referente to the shortage in the supply of basic goods and the ever-growing globalization of consumers. In addition, China’s influence in the market is increasing at an astonishing rate, altering the existing order. It is easy to foresee a scenery of uncertainty, in which it will be necessary to reassess the viability of the current economic model.

The challenges created by the scarceness of resources, the rising economic power of China, the changing demands of consumers and the need for “production” of innovation, are closely related to each other and cannot be dealt with separately. Possible  solutions for businesses and national economies lie in a holistic discussion of these trends – “The Integrated Challenge”

Several prominent leaders such as Herbert Hainer (CEO – Adidas), John Fleming (President and CEO – Ford Europe), and Hartmut Mehdorn (CEO – Deutsche Bahn AG) are amongst the featured speakers. Workshops with a reduced number of people will also take place in the event, with the aim of of generating ideas and exchanging experiences. The forum will finalize with an “Integrated Challenge” in which participants will have to combine their insights and findings from the workshops to create one common business strategy.

If you are interested in participating of the OFW and connecting with over 300 students from around the World as well as important leaders of the business and scientific spheres, you have time until February 15th!  The selection criteria is based upon an essay submitted by the applicants in which they must describe themselves and talk about their strengths, weaknesses and experiences. In addition, the applicants must come up with two interesting and creative questions which they would like to see answered during the forum. We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity!