GIS Taiwan LogoIn this opportunity, we are formally inviting you all to join GIS TAIWAN, an international event that gathers 80 outstanding students from all over the world to share their current opinions on different issues.

Founded by a group of students from Taiwan, the Global Initiatives Symposium will take place from July 8th until July 12th, 2012, in Taipei, Taiwan. Every year, they intend to establish a platform that connects talented students from diverse countries with experts from different issues and topics.

The central topic of this edition is “Innovation and Challenges” and includes these three subtopics:

  • Detecting a New Trend
  • Analyzing a New Trend
  • Taking the Lead

Throughout the event, participants will be part of different activities including conferences, workshops, panels, essays expositions, etc. The official language of the event is English. All applicants must register via their official website before March 17th , 2012 and applicants’ essays must be submitted also via website by April 1st, 2012 to be eligible for the competition. Qualified participants will be notified via email in early May of 2012.

All expenses in Taiwan are covered by the organization (hosting and food, except for the night-meals of July 9, 10 and 11th). Scholarships will be granted to international students according to their university location.

For more information visit and/or send an email to