Less than a week away from the submissions deadline, we would like to share with you the names of some speakers that will take part in the SABF 2011 Edition. We are pleased to have well-known worldwide leaders, from different fields and countries that, together with 100 outstanding students will make the SABF 2011 a unique exchange. We invite you to keep visiting our blog during these days since we will be posting more news. You can also be part of this experience, applying before Friday May 6th.

Some of the speakers that will join SABF 2011 are:

Rob Britton
Principal at AirLearn, he was a speaker in several editions of the SABF and a current member of our Board of Trustees. In and near the airline industry since 1969, it’s his career at American Airlines that satands out, where he was Managing Director of Brand Development and Advertising and Advisor to the Chairman until 2006. He is author of several important publications concerning the travel-industry and holds both a PhD in Economial Geography from UMN and postdoctoral studies from UPenn. He gives lectures anually at renowned business schools like Kellogg, Wharton and Dardenm and is a member of the Advisory Boards of McGill and Umea (Sweden). Read more or watch his plenary session at SABF 2010.

Federico Imposti Huerta
Country Manager and Sales Director at Amadeus Argentina. Previously, he worked as Sales Manager in the National Marketing Company (NMC) Amadeus Venezuela & Guyana, in charge of the Commercial and Operations Area. He studied in Argentina and Spain, where he got a Masters Degree in Marketing and Business Administration. He has extensive knowledge about electronic distribution, marketing, products, support and training.

Jakarin Srimoon
Executive Director of the SEA-LAC Trade Center (Southeast Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean). He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration. He’s been professor and researcher in Bangkok, Beijing, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the USA. He teaches International Businesses, Economic and Strategic Management. He has given several presentations about business topics in several countries including Thailand, India, Colombia, Mexico and Japan, focusing on Trade and Investment, International Business, and Marketing. He was a consultant for Thailand’s Ministry of Industry and leader of the proyect “Promotion of Investments from Thailand in Laos and Vietnam” in the Investment Comitee.

Santiago Bilinkis
Co-founder and CEO at Officenet. Member of the Endeavor Argentina board, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among developing countries. Furthermore, he was president of the Board of Fundación Iniciativa, which suports democratic participation among youths. He writes frequently in his personal blog and was speaker at TEDxPatagonia. You can watch his presentation here.

You can also be part of the South American Business Forum 2011 Edition! Register at apply.sabf.org.ar** before Friday, May 6th, 2011**. For more information, we invite you to read this article, visit www.sabf.org.ar or contact us at students@sabf.org.ar.