Like every year, during the application time we receive the essays written by potential participants seeking to be part of the event.

We congratulate each student who worked inspired by the main topic. We are aware of the big effort that represented working around the three themes outlined in this opportunity: the enterprise, the individual and regional level. It has been very interesting reading the essays, we  want to highlight the way in which the students organized their ideas, implementing their knowledge and transmitting their vision.

We appreciate the time invested by the students, in order to this we decided to share with you one of the most outstanding english speaking production from SABF 2012 participants.

Revisiting Concepts: Government and Regions

Jessica Hanna – Lebanon – University of Balamand

The assay is about the way in which along with technology, objectives have shifted from local to global, and motivation has adopted  a revolutionary nature. Jessica highlights its impact on all individuals, firms, and most importantly governments of the world. In the essay she describes the negative aspects of technological advancement which does not always provide a tool for benefiting all economic sectors.

The mismanagement of technology and resources  and the inefficient coordination of all sorts of incoming aid, origins economic problems in developing countries. In order to this, she considers that the governments should have a strategy for the effective use of their resources and that they also should decrease the political instability due to ideological disagreements.

Jessica finds it very important to control the prices in oil, water, electricity, and other elements essential to human life which are currently fluctuating, by establishing an international criterion that can be shared by governments all around the world.

This essay  stands out for developing in a very integral way the main topic of SABF 2012.

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