I need to write this article, perhaps thinking about the important tasks left for the last-minute as we usually speculate with time. But who knows if there will be time?
We live in a world characterized for quickness and so we hardly ever enjoy life. We are either students or workers,  we lack free moments to do all the rest tasks. Has anybody read a book on how to take advantage of each daily minute? I have always wanted to read something on that topic but I am short of time. Why isn’t a 36 hour day decreed? We would be able to do 100% level. I do believe even if half a day could be enlarged, we would still perform as we are Children of Severity and we will never become as efficient as we want.

Some people begin their day in a bad mood, without energy to go on so getting habits to learn how to take advantage of time is necessary. Summarizing, if we have to study or work, our duty is to try to be better, to fulfill our responsibilities in the best possible way, not for vanity or pride but because progress needs each member of the planet. This will contribute to make Latin America a better region.

How is it done? Increasing our study times and having habits.

First piece of advice, be children of efficiency. Perhaps not even your family will realize if you study properly and consciously or only to approve the exams, but you intimately know you did it in a correct way. Learning in advance has benefits, for example, finishing earlier to be able to do other tasks. Moreover you can choose to stay awake the previous night. But it is said sleeping for eight hours and getting relaxed helps memorize better what was studied. I know eight hours is a luxury but it is what doctors recommend.

Secondly, have a diary with time tables and plans for the four monthly periods to anticipate future problems. There are always unexpected tasks, that´s life. Because if everything is surprise and we know what we have to study only forty-four hours before being examined, we could become crazy and overstressed.

Last advice, define priorities and what it is not a priority discard it (only in exam periods). Sometimes we are incoherent and take them in first place. Chatting for long periods or devoting to much time to social nets without even having read the first bibliography´s chapter is an example of that.

If you decide to apply for SABF and write an essay, don´t be a Child of Severity, join us, the registration will finish on May 6th 2012. For more information: www.sabf.org.ar