Dear applicants,

On behalf of all our 8th SABF Organizing Team, we want to congratulate you all for having accepted the challenge of filling in the application and sharing your ideas based on both the sub and central topic for this year edition: Global Objectives, Collaborative Actions.

During these three last months when applications were opened, we’ve received a large number of interest students willing to become SABF Participants; unfortunately, only 100 of those will be capable of assisting. Selected students will be chosen according to their opinion essays and profiles (compulsory requirements to be evaluated). We believe the number 100 represents the perfect equilibrium between having an interested diversity and, at the same time, achieving a high interrelation grade among participants.

Our Team of Juries will be evaluating your essays along the following 21 days so you’ll get your results in approximately 3 weeks.

One way or another, we wish you had an enrichment experience while applying and that you could learn through the process.

Once again, thank you all for sharing your ideas with SABF and trusting us.

We wish you all the best.