Twenty five days after the inscriptions closure and through weeks of intense work to evaluate applications and essays, we have come to seleciton the 100 SABF 2012 participants reaching a diversity of over 35 countries.

Resuming the ideas presented in the essays,** the necesity to act in collaboration for a common objective is a globally shared issue**. We have received marvelous ideas from all over the world it is our desire that they are applied soon as a point of inflection in society, while keeping an eye on future generations.** We hope that the SABF will be the trigger of putting them into practice.**

In this brief article, we wish to** show our greatfulness towards the Jury** that, throughout the years, supports our efforts by dedicating part of their time on the evaluation of the innovative ideas presented on the essays of the SABF applicants. Had there not been for their help, it would be impossible to come forward with an analysis of such depth and measure.

[![]( "blog")]( of the team working in the selection of the participants
**To those who did not qualify , our message is to not put it down**, since, this mere fact does not mean that the ideas expressed in their essays were not good. **Try to endure, support and struggle to give life to your ideas. ** We hope that the experience of elaboating your essay has been more than enriching and, hopefully, we will be seing each other on future SABF editions.

To those selected, on behalf of the team, we want you to know that we are anxious to meet you here in Buenos Aires, gathered for 3 days of intense debate. However, why wait until August to meet each other? Be proactive, get to know your colleagues and let the debate begin!


The SABF 2012 organizing team