Diego Musolino, one of Energizar’s founders is an engineer interested in making known about the projects of environmental high impact arising from Latin America.Energizar Foundation is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization where the use of alternative energies in Argentina is promoted.

The founders are ITBA’s ex-students and work in four areas. In one hand, they offer training courses on removable energies (solar, biogas, biodiesel, wind and sustainable architecture) and on the other hand, services of measurement and installing of those technologies. Energizar generates RSE where they connect people from vulnerable communities with companies into integral projects of social development.

Therefore, it has a laboratory of research and development in removable energies where they develop open technology as “electricity generator bicycles” for The Buenos Aires city government.

Among many projects of this foundation, the most important are: a low cost social bio digester in the campus of Agronomy faculty (together with the Subject Analytic Chemistry of FAUBA and the group IFES) for getting of gas and natural fertilizers in the country’s poor communities as well as they put into practice the initiatives “1 litre of light” and assembly solar water heater made with recycled bottles.

Energizar.org.ar is formed and founded by young engineers where the traditional outline of nongovernmental organization is turned round as it is known how to solve problems and tries to get in touch with a great quantity of organizations that identifies many difficulties without knowing how to solve them. Training courses are given mostly for young university students, enthusiastic in removable energies who are interested in these technologies.

For consulting agencies, they select family organizations or institutions that want to install removable energy systems at their homes or business. For RSE projects (business social responsibilities) they are in touch with organizations that have sustainable development departments which try to generate a positive environmental impact in vulnerable communities that nowadays don’t have access to basical services. The business model of the foundation is based on generating a met of young and sustainable entrepreneurs and empowering them through project management.

The founder’s words

Diego Musolino, one of the founders together with Alejandro Loidl said:

“Energizar came to life because Alejandro and me feel passion on removable energies we began to get into touch  with other engineer colleagues who loved other technologies and together decided to create this nongovernmental organization where we focus to be the reference institution in Argentina about removable energies and be known for spreading along and across the country, projects with a strong social inclusion as well as leaving a clue of ecological conscience in the society as from our education and training area. Regarding team work, we are eleven people who work in the foundation (up to now all as honorem), besides have some entrepreneurs groups in removable energies with whom we develop strategical alliances and agreements of joint collaboration. We have a group of over one hundred professional volunteers whom we acclaim at the time of going ahead with projects”.