For the first Saturday session, Ricky Pashkus and his team, a dancer and a pianist received all the participants. They all made a big circle, and got ready to dance and sing.

Ricky told them to get closer and closer, and asked what “recreate” mean. Somebody answered to create again, but it doesn’t mean to made the same thing again. It’s about making something while you are putting your attitude into it.

After discussing the meaning of recreating, he asked the crowd to recreate being happy, and the music started. Everybody started slowly dancing. Some shyness could be seen there, but suddenly Ricky asked to move the hands, arms, and then all the body like him.

Everybody was shy for a couple of minutes, but then everybody started laughing and had a big smile in their face. Ricky asked one by one to take the stage with him and state their name, while they were dancing and singing. Everybody sang with Ricky and the person on stage. All were singing and laughing together. The good vibes in the room spread to everyone.

But this was just the warming up.

Then they made a circle again, but nobody stopped dancing and clapping their hands. Ricky asked one by one what language did he speak. There were 14 different languages. So he asked the german to say a phrase and started dancing repeating that phrase but in german.

Everybody dance while they were repeating “Ich möchte an den Strand gehen”. Then he asked for all the portuguese speakers to say “I want to go to the beach”, so the song changed to “Ich möchte an den Strand gehen, á praia quero ir”.

Then the french speaker was asked to say something and he said in french “I want to get a bath”. And the song changed again to “Ich möchte an den Strand gehen, a praia quero ir, Je veux aller nager”.

Then the spanish speakers were asked to say something and they said “Vení acompañame”, which means, “Come with me”. So the song was changed to “Ich möchte an den Strand gehen, á praia quero ir, Je veux aller nager, vení acompañame”.

The afrikaan speaker said “there won’t be other”. Then the chinnese speaker was asked to say “Sorry, I don’t want to” in her language, which is spelled “对不起,我不想” and now the lyrics was longer and harder to repeat, but everyone was doing their best. “Ich möchte an den Strand gehen, á praia quero ir, Je veux aller nager, vení acompañame, Misoua Ouako (or at least I could right that), 对不起,我不想”

Then there were more phrases added, but now it was harder and harder, but everyone tried to said them loud at the same music rithmo. Big smiles could be seen in everyones face, and singing a 14 languages song.

Then in a big circle again, he remind everyone that they were recreating. And told that the face represents everything, they were communicating without speaking the same language, and everyone could feel what was going on. He reminded that the most important word was to be “useful”. Regardless being studying or whatever you are doing for him is important that you are useful. He invited everyone to recreate what they are in their own behaviour. He said he doesn’t believe in globalization, as it is a plane where nobody knows who is the pilot, and we should know who we are, and recreate us.