Friday afternoon the participants visited the offices of different companies, the chosen ones were Globant, Deloitte, and Workana.

In Globant Argentina software company, the participants heard about the importance of innovative ideas in order to create value. Globant develops the software that we use daily to perform many of our activities. Today there is much competition in the industry and the need for innovation to stand out is essential. Globant uses the methodology “service innovation”, where they prioritize ideas. He says that we are moving to a knowledge economy, where we see more flat and horizontal structures, where all our careers develop rapidly, which leads us to speed up processes. In these structures the information must flow quickly in order to allow innovation to arise. He matches this to the new generation of digital natives, who seek for more collaborative environments to work and have high expectations about their leaders and the organizations they belong to.

In, the leading travel agency in Latin America, participants were greeted by two of the five founders of the company. They talked about the story of the creation of the company, the obstacles and challenges they had to overcome. They remarked that when you perform a job you should definitely do it with great passion. This is what brought them so far, they love what they do. Their dream is that every Latin American traveler use, and it’s the same dream they had from the beginning, unlike other companies that seek (or sought) to increase their market value to be sold afterwards.

In Workana, a company that creates a connection through an online platform, among freelancers and employers in the distance, the activity consisted in analyzing and suggesting solutions for the “Mercadolibre problem” they have. Many users prefer not to use their platform in order to save commissions. The idea was to present the problem to the participants divided into small groups to propose ways that can help prevent it. Very interesting ideas emerged from participants that were then debated between them and the company.

At Deloitte they talked about times of change and talent management. Speakers stressed the need to have great capacity for learning, willingness to learn, commitment and proactivity. The dilemmas of today in the changing context impact on talent management. These dilemmas are in different areas such as inclusion and diversity, virtual relationships, work mode and expectations about the leader. The recipe for dealing with these dilemmas is doing what you love, have a lot of organization, know how to delegate and trust, know how to prioritize and set limits and set a good example.