Doug will be delivering a speech in the Aula Magna of ITBA during the afternoon of Thursday 22nd, April (starting at 16.00 pm GMT: – 03:00).
The entrance is free and anyone who’s interested can come.
Douglas Casey is a liberalist economist, born in the United States, international investor and writer of some financial books that are now best sellers.
He is also the founder and President of Casey Research, a financial consultant that mainly deals with vertical markets of the entire world.
His book “The Crisis Investment”, became a major financial best seller of all the history, remaining in the top 1 of the New York Times ranking for twelve weeks.
Doug Casey, in this opportunity, will provide us with his opinion regarding the future direction of the current world. Which are the actual tendencies? Which are the emerging markets? How can we benefit and profit from the opportunities that have appear as a result of the current crisis?.. These and many other questions are intended to be replied by this consultant.
The South American Business Forum (SABF) invites you to learn about the unique point of view of one of the most important economists from America and the entire world.

We are still waiting for you to apply! The deadline is May 9th. Do not dare to miss this opportunity

The speech will be entirely delivered in english