This is Patricia Soledad  Fernández Bugna, participant of the 5th SABF Edition (2009) and delegate for the city of Mar del Plata. Once again, I am writing to show you how SABF opened up my mind and many doors and opportunities, that allow me, today, to act as an active citizen.

Through this post, I want you to read part of my experience at a conference developed by ENDEAVOR, during the past friday of April, in my city. The truth is that there were many speakers, that’s why, I will only refer to some of them. Those interested in knowing more, do not hesitate to contact me by sending me an email,**

I am not only pretending to express my ideas and the statements of the speakers but also inviting you to read my opinions and let you ponder a little bit about what you are going to read.

**1. Endeavor & Fundación Banco Provincia: **

**– **Introduction to some variables they are working with, those specially concerning the entrepreneurship context and the youth businessmen. Apparently, their projects are interesting but we cannot forget we are inmersed in a region where there’s a high level of uncertainty with regards to the politician’s agenda, promises are rapidly dissolved without being converted into practical actions and, day after day, we are surprised by the abrupt changes in terms of politics, economics and society as a whole. Though I know the government has provided some credits for entrepreneurs, that is to say, THERE HAVE BEEN CASES in which the government has financed projects; I do not feel we are in the position to wait for the government to solve our problems; on the contrary, I invite you all to read the following paragraphs and learn from the experience of some speakers who, after falling again and again, making mistakes, they were capable of raising their head and keep on walking. And, as Guibert from Globant said, “it’s possible to develop sociable, environmental and responsible companies nowadays in Argentina. Globant is, indeed, a clear example. **

**2. **Alejandro Mashad, ENDEAVOR Ejecutive Director:

– principles, values and wishes that describe the company.

His speech ended up being really interesting for me and for many reasons. Firstly, the fact they are a company from my country and, what’s more important, they influence Argentinean people and give them a hand to develop their ideas, projects and dreams.

These projects with which they work contain a large weight of social value and responsability, which made me think that these ideas promoted by ENDEAVOR give birth to possitive externalities to all of us.

He also mentioned the unfavorable context and environment in which we are located; game rules for short term projects, uneven regulations, almost nule intelectual property protection and almost no support from the government.

There is also a strong discrepancy between the short and long term, the dreaming big and thinking small, the global versus the local. Alejandro also spoke about the lack of solvency of the current organisms; meaning the new projects that have been appearing could not remain “alive” as time went by. The unfavorable environment in which we are immersed, plus the limitations our mind has, allow this last to happen.

**3. Esteban Wolf and Juan Curuchet: **both speeches were full of passion and enthusiasm. The first one, is today a successful business man, well known for his company PROGEN SA and he is also part of the ENDEAVOR Board Member. His words were really motivating and provided us with lots of mistakes he committed along his years of trial and trial. It was nice hearing somebody speaking about the practical issues  of life (while others would simply repeat what they’ve read in a book). Esteban placed his focus over the importance of giving the best of ourselves, work day after day, believe in what seems to be impossible, have a look at what others do (we are never alone in the market, even if we are an unique product, there are others that can replace ours and be used by our clients), pay attention to goes around in terms of economy, politics, society, technology, etc. We do not have to wait for change to happen but prevent it, be proactive, and make everyday decisions become big, day after day.

Then Juan Curuchet came into stage, passion, effort and enthusiasm. He let us know how his training programs varied as time went by, how hard it was for them to achieve the olimpic medal, the importance of keep on going despite what goes around and keep on fighting. It’s more than obvious and clear that many other countries were far more advanced than them and so their effort had to be immense. Still, they did it, and came back with their dream fulfilled. Curuchet depicted an amazing life story, full of difficulties and challenges that were overcame and a final result, really desired, that showed, that what seems impossible, simply takes a longer while.

**4. Silvia Torres Carbonell, **director of the IAE ENTREPREUNERSHIP CENTER , Member of Endeavor and GLOBAL ENTREPREUNERSHIP MONITOR Director. Silvia said something I had never ponder about and that is that here, in Argentina, entrepreneurs are not seen as role models or figures to be followed. This is something we all have to work on; we should all promote the development of projects, ideas and entrepreneurs, and why not, start ours. She says we have to mix passion, with vision and action, plus keys and tools, capacities and opportunities. Uncertainty oughts to become an alie, rather than an enemy; risks have to be distributed among others and, first we have to detect opportunities and then comes the idea.

I want to share with you a story she told which for me is really relevant and a nice example as well. A businessman, shoes seller, chooses two of his employees and sends them to a place where nobody uses shoes nor footwear. One of the employees complains and says he has been sent to hell; NOBODY uses shoes here!, he says. The second one, on the contrary, feels he has been sent to the paradise; as he saw everybody on barefoot, he immediately said he was in front of a terrible opportunity and that EVERYBODY was going to buy him shoes.  I let you take your own conclusions.

And, as this may have been quite a large piece of text, I believe attending this CONFERENCE was of huge benefit for me. All speakers promoted the development of projects and transmitted passion and enthusiasm, despite one and each of the conflicts that may arise in the middle. And also, I found this experience useful to travel to the past, and remember my experience at SABF, where the environment was also friendly, respectful, diverse and rich. SABF produced a click on me, I soon became a “better person” and an active citizen who gets involve with many different organizations and projects that are going on, giving my “part” for a better country and world.

Thank you very much and if you are in need of more information, simply write me an email.