***In a few days the inscription process will take place (May 9th) *and surely most of you are still thinking what to write and how to do it. If this is the very first time, this will undoubtedly happen to you… but this does not mean that you cannot achieve it! Everyone of us had our first time once and remember that practicing is how you’ll learn, so I encourage all of you to give it a try!

What we’re asking for is your opinion about one of the 3 subtopics of this year and to relate it with South America. In our SABF website you will be able to find a description of everyone of them. Besides, it would be dazzling if you investigate even more by your own and then put your ideas on the essay.**

You can find essays* from some past participants of previous editions**, but this is only a guide, remember that we really value originality and that it does not necessary need to have the perfect structure of a model essay!

*If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Relations Departmen at [students@sabf.org.ar](mailto:students@sabf.org.ar)*
* *
*I hope everyone of you give it a try! Lot of luck!*
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