This post invites and provides you with information about HPAIR: a Harvard proyect in international and asiatic relationships. This year, the event reaches it’s 21st Edition. As usually, it’s organized annually gathering distinguished students with well-known leaders. The Conference will be held during the days 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 of August of this year in Taipei, and it’s partnership University is Chengchi National University. The central topic for this year is “Challenges and Prospects: envisioning global transformations”.

In this opportunity, participants will interact and learn from specialized leaders of diverse topics like the Asiatic future, aspects on nuclear threats, globalization and others. Some of the outstanding leaders that were present in past editions include Ban Ki-Moon (UN General Secretary), Fred Hu (Goldman Sachs Asia President) and Jeffrey Sachs (Earth Institute Director).

The chosen students will be able to:

  • Build up long-term relations with students, leaders and first-class teachers.
  • Discuss and debate on challenges that currentlly influence Asia.
  • Take part of interesting workshops, plenaries, investigation trips, panels and other activities.

Some of the questions for these five dialogue and debate days include: In the wake of the recent global financial recession, what should Asia do to recover from and prevent similar meltdowns in the future? How should Asia respond to the threat of nuclear proliferation in North Korea and military instability in other parts of the world? How can Asian countries mantain their traditions while the pressures of globalization push them towards modernization? What roles should governments and businesses play in bridging the many expanding gaps found both between and within nations?

If you want to participate, you can  apply here, before May 20th.

For additional information, please visit the official conference website.