Some time ago, I told Nicolás Loreti, member of the Media and Communication Group from the South American Business Forum, what I was doing as a volunteer for Espacio Agua (; we inmediately decided to start working together. That was how we designed a flyer for Espacio Agua and other institutions, like, for example, schools that have handed in the flyer during the Water Week.

We considered it a way of giving a Little bit of ourselves in favor of the world; letting others knows ways through which they could reduce the consumption of wáter which is a very important issue for our lives.
In this post, we want you to learn a story of a school located in LA RIOJA, an Argentinean province, that got in contact with us by means of the SABF BLOG.

School Number 136, Chamical, La Rioja, Argentina. “ We are teachers from Second Cicle of the primary school number 136, Nicolasa Vera Luna, from the city of Chamical, La Rioja and we are working along all this year with the wáter issue; we want to take part at the marathon with activities for the students. We will be waiting for an answer. Thanks!

Honestly speaking it was a great happiness for both of us, as, by means of the blog, people from a different province from the one we live at, had informed themselves About the development of the WORLD WATER MARATHON and had decided to contribute to it. We got in contact with them and we are now letting you know the marathon they themselves run in their city.

As you can see in the pictures, they grouped small children and this is something really interesting and important; today, many schools lack of ecological education and we believe school is an ideal atmosphere for this last to be tought.

School number 136, sets out as an example of teachers who assumed the responsability of teaching their students the importance of water and other resources.
We now share with you this story to invite you to take them as an example, and, what’s more, for you to remember, once again, the importance and urgency for wáter care. We need to feel and make EVERY DAY, the WATER’S DAY. We have to consume rationally and sabe as much as posible.