Dear Community,

One week ago the application period for the 10th edition of the South American Business Forum came to an end. The Organising Team is very pleased to announce that more than 600 essays have been received, coming from 132 different countries. A jury of excellent background and experience is assessing right now the performance of each applicant. The best of luck to you all!

Together with the team, we would like to profit from this chance to thank all those collaborators who have participated in promoting this new edition of the forum: Representatives, Ambassadors, ex-organisers, ex-participants, the radio show Jóvenes en Acción (Radio Cultura), ITBA and AGITBA authorities who have been with us for ten years, the institutions that support us, the organisers of other forums alike, the writers and editors of this same blog, friends, family… A great community helping to make this 10th edition happen.


Personally, I would like to congratulate and thank all those young students that finished the application process (with the submission of their opinion essay) to try to contribute to the present development of their region. I trust that the interchange of ideas and beliefs and the generation of added value through innovative ideas are the basis of a sustainable change that may fight those problems with which we deal today – even if it is starting by our own neighborhood. There are more and more youngsters that get involved with the issues that they observe in their every-day life, which brings me joy, motivation and hope. I wish that many of them will participate in debate meetings, such as the ones proposed by this organization, in order to light the same spirit in other students.

On 2009, for those who shall remember, essays coming from more than 60 countries were received. Today, from more than twice. This shows me that students from all over the world are *more and more *interested in joining others to try to suggest, listen, debate, express, solve problems…innovate.

To those aspiring to participate in SABF 2014 next August, my very best wishes during the selection process of the 100 participants. To the Organising Team, all the energies – positive of course! – for the final stage of the year.