In this occasion, and celebrating the WORLD WATER DAY, we want to let you know a list of pieces of advice for you to reduce your daily water consumption and let others know about it as well. It would be interesting for all if you printed them and place them at visible places, many of the advices are easy and practical, and imply no time waste, so ANYONE can put them into practice. You can place a comment below this note and suggest other advices.

  1. Do not use potable water to defrost your food; defrost them in the refrigerator, save water and assure yourself the good state of food.
  2. When washing your dog, do it in your park or garden so that the water is afterwards absorbed by the plants and land.
  3. When drinking water, consider the use of the SAME glass during all the day; you will reduce the amount of glasses to be washed.
  4. While you are waiting for water to warm up, collect the cold water and use it to water plants.
  5. Water your garden before 9 am and after 4 pm; the level of evaporation is lower during that period of time and water is more easily absorbed.
  6. Close your tap while washing your teeths.
  7. Check there is no waste nor leak
  8. Place coverage over your swimming pools so as to reduce the level of evaporation.
  9. Clean your sidewalk, paths and floors with a broom rather tan water.
  10. When you stay at a hotel, read the sign that says where to place towels in case you want to use them again. On the contrary, towels will be washed without any sense.