We are **Gustavo Pedrazzoli **and Patricia Soledad Fernández Bugna: university undergraduates students, argentineans, SABF 2009 participants and delegates for the city of Rosario and Mar del Plata respectively.
We wanted to offer ourselves to write this post on the blog willing to let you know, in a brief way, what was, what is and what will SABF be for both of us, aside from giving thanks and congratulations, once again, for all of those who allow SABF to exist and work out.
SABF was, by far, one of the best experiences of our lifes; even today, more than six months later from those amazing days of October 2009, it’s still hard to find the proper words to describe what we lived.
Firstly, SABF caused a click on ourselves: we felt, as we had almost never ever felt, that we were not alone in this world and that there were other youngsters willing to change, work with effort and accept challenges. During the past, we found ourselves in our cities, wishing to cristallize our words into actions and build the future that so difficultly arises in oir country and the current world. The actual context, was discouraging, institutions are no longer reliable, they’ve lost their essence, governmental agendas (if they really exist…) are full of irregularities, politicians speak a lot but do not put into practice their speeches, … indeed we do not really feel it’s necessary to go deeper in the Latinoamerican devastating situation; it’s already known. On the contrary, we want you to know that at SABF, you’ll get to know an important sum of students who do desire change, promote it and try to make it real.
In our personal case, SABF was also useful for us to face challenges that, either we had never heard about or we were lacking of that motivation for us to get involved in them. That’s how, during december 2009, we decided to apply for the World Business Dialogue and today, we are rounding up our application for the World Bank Essay Contest 2010. What’s more, we’ve undertake a solidarity campaign to collect food and other stuff for Chile (we take advantage of this post to thank all the SABFERS who gave and are giving us a hand), presented projects at the municipality of Mar del Plata, and, we are currently working on a project to raise awaareness of the importance of water care together with other SABFERS… there are other things we are doing ha! the list is not over… SABF gave us strenght, energy, motivation to keep on going and, above all, was a clear demonstration that, youth, is not alone.
We are proud of the organization team and helpers, and proud as well of being part of the SOUTH AMERICAN BUSINESS FORUM; last year as participants, and today, as delegates, trying to, little by little, reward, return, all the advantages SABF gave and gives us. We feel it’s our duty to contribute and give a hand with the diffusion of this important event that, is not only that, we are not only speaking about the 4 days it lasts because, as we said before, SABF was, is and will be; the links and relationships, we two built, will last forever, together with the experience we were part of.
Thank you once again.
We strongly encourage each and all of you to take advantage of this unique opportunity; for those who may be miles away and feel distance may be troublesome; do not hesitate, give it a try; IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY.
We are fully available to answer questions and doubts that may have arise though we feel this post explains clearly what SABF means for the two of us… it was an amazing experience and we feel proud when we tell others what SABF was; that’s why, for those who want details, need a hand to write the essay, evacuate doubts, whatever you need, feel free to contact us. We are here to give you a hand and boost SABF, giving our best for the SABF recognition to grow, day by day, as it oughts to do.

*Gustavo Pedrazzoli, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. pedrazzoligustavo@hotmail.com
Patricia Soledad Fernández Bugna, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. pfernandezbugna@gmail.com