Wendy Kopp will be in Argentina the coming april 19th and we want you to have the possibility of participating
at the speech she will deliver in the Aula Magna of the ITBA at 21.30 (GMT + 0:00)
In case you cannot attend it, Follow it via live stream.

Wendy Kopp, CEO and founder of Teach For America, comes to Argentina to tell us how her undergraduate thesis, since 20 years, is changing the education system all around the world.

Teach For America is a nonprofit organization compromised with education and works in order to become a particular path where, in the future, every single child could receive good quality education

Today, this organization in the United States, reaches more than 450.000 students where the best students of the world become leaders in education and social reform.

Wendy Kopp is recognized as one of the 100 most influential people of 2008 by the Times Magazine, together with, numerous awards, thanks to the foundation Teach For All, which brings support in order to develop the model of Teach For America in other countries of the world.

In this opportunity, the local headquarters Enseñá Por Argentina, and the South American Business Forum (SABF), invite all of you to listen to this dazzling history from one of the most important NGOs of the United States.

See you there!