The fourth plenary featured Fernando Maristany and it was centered on the topic of how exponential results are introduced by disruptive technology. The keynote began by stating that the question of our time is: How will the future be like? and that it was important to look into the past to answer that question.

Regarding industry, Maristany mentioned that industry is initially reluctant to changes. But, then, provided that the idea shows rentability, the adoption starts.

So, how we can predict the future? The best way to foresee the future is by imagining it… and building it. We must break the barriers of our mind and accept and face the challenges. The enemies of innovation are those who are well educated and are not willing to change their position: We have to take our expert suite and be more like Indiana Jones.

In addition, it was remarked that the most important is neither being the cleverest, nor the strongest. Adapting to changes is the essential quality to have. Last but not least, Maristany quoted Einstein on that topic: The mind that opens up to a new idea, does not return to its original size.