A lot has been going on since the first South American Business Forum edition took place. To the date, participants, speakers and delegates from all around the world have gathered in Buenos Aires to share the SABF experience, brought together by the common belief that change begins with each one of us and dialogue and openness are its stepping stones. With them we have built our beloved SABF community which we hope to keep expanding in the following years.

All students selected as participants are awarded a full scholarship to attend SABF. This includes all accomodation, meals and transport fees inside Buenos Aires for the duration of the forum (read more details [here](http://www.sabf.org.ar/forum/covered-expenses)). As for travelling fees, although they are not covered, we work together with you, institutions, companies and politic organisations to provide financial aid to participants and therefore succeed in bringing to Buenos Aires all selected students.
We wanted some of our former participants to tell you a bit about their experiences throughout the different editions, especially with regards to the ways they obtained funding for their travel expenses together with the SABF Team.

Lex Tan Yih Liang (Malaysia): SABF is a chance to involve yourself globally in current issues, exchanging ideas, discussing solutions on global issues and raising awareness among future and present leaders with diverse perspectives and origins. As for sponsorship, you could earn it easily as long as you work hard, define your goal and be optimistic about your application! Always be motivated and contact every single institution you feel like doing so: SABF is a life changing experience! Since it’s such an important event, believe me that I gained the sponsorship I wanted, I knocked on as many doors as I could and ended up being 1/100 SABF 2010 participants!

Gabriela Quinteros (Bolivia): My desire to take part in SABF motivated me to send material, day after day, to different organisms and institutions. I did not hesitate to present it to two airlines. I got a 15% discount from one of them (partially thanks to the SABF team) and managed to gather the rest by myself and with the help of my family. I know this is not an easy task, but SABF is fully worth it so I strongly recommend you all to work hard to achieve this dream always bearing in mind you can count with the SABF team for anything you may need.

Petr Šrámek (Czech Republic): It was really difficult for me to get to SABF. Originally, I had been promised funding from my university, but eventually I did not get anything, so I had to use my savings. However, it was totally worth it! I am glad I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and get in touch with so many knowledgeable experts and businesspeople. Plus, I really like Argentina! Don’t miss this change: apply now!

Patrick Voller (Austria): It was just great to meet all those highly motivated students from all around the world and listen to inspiring and informative speeches about truly important global issues. We all shared a common passion for Latin America, a culturally rich and economically highly emerging region of the world, which is now starting to get the global attention it deserves. SABF achieves its mission by involving young students from all around the world to work for the sustainable development of their regions. The event reflects passion, excellence and willingness together with a gigantic effort. I paid the tickets on my own but you can gain sponsorship from big companies and industries from Argentina.

Tascha Terblanche (South Africa): Not a day goes by that I do not remember the conversations, the laughing, the eating, the listening, the learning… From the day I received the unexpected news that I was coming to Buenos Aires I was obviously excited and I had a great gigantic challenge in front of me: getting the money for my plane tickets. I never hesitated to work as much as possible to get them, the SABF team provided me with a lot of contacts and I did it! I visited Argentina and lived the SABF experience! These days were by far the most memorable, informative, educational (both culturally and academically) and inspiring ones of my life: I really feel one never should miss the opportunity of applying.

Saara Annukka Erkheikki (Finland): It was an interesting experience, since it gave me some insights on the topics from different approaches. It developed my personal thinking but also my academic framework on specific issues. Of course I made lots of new friends and found out interesting stuff about various cultures and countries. My university gave me a little grant for the flights and I covered the rest of it myself. It was a wonderful experience and you should all apply for the upcoming editions!

We warmly thank our former participants for their words and hope to count on you as well soon. Do not forget to apply for the SABF 7th Edition before Friday, May 6th! Log in at http://apply.sabf.org.ar/ and should you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us at students@sabf.org.ar. We will be more than pleased to hear from you all!