The seventh edition of South American Business Forumopened its application period on February 1st. One of the main requirements to be part of this unique experience is the power of the ideas each of the applicants will present. How can you do it? Through your essay.

In this opportunity, we will tell you more about the main topics of SABF 2011, and those which will be discussed directly, or indirectly, with the essays that each one of you will present in order to be selected.

SABF 2011 is based on the topic “Facing exponential times”. In the last decades, we have witnessed enormous changes. However, their speed has been increasing. This implies that the processes and dynamics involved in our daily life seem affected in different ways, forcing us to adapt ourselves to the scenario.

Nowadays, we must stop observing and start acting about it. How can we do it? This is our question. To answer it, we will discuss about three topics: “Technology and Information: foundations of a 2.0 society”, “Economic development in a dynamic world” and “Building Tomorrow’s education, transforming the educational model”.

In the next articles, we will present more information about each of the three topics of SABF 2011, to start a debate that will take place, more deeply and diverse, in the next edition on 5th, 6th and 7th August in Buenos Aires. Apply on You have time until 6th May to be part of this amazing opportunity.