The “Group Dynamics”, prepared by Pablo Barassi, Patricia Mollá y Cecilia Urdangarin, from the [ “Centro de Desarrollo de Liderazgo](http://www.itba.edu.ar/cdl_gestion/)” of the ITBA, was a musical integration experience. During the activity, participants practiced as a group and individually, the conceptual axes and skills needed to act as leaders under the intraindividual, interpersonal, organizational and institutional dimensions were provided. This section had a full dynamic connectivity and resonance that allowed the conversation of the participants through the sounds.

First of all, there was a theoretical introduction to issues. Then, different activities were assigned to subgroups of participants, such as clapping, marching and whistling. Once they understood the concepts of “internal coordination” and “external communication”, the participants began to improvise. In the dynamics, the participants crossed the ITBA building complying with the assigned task. Upon arrival, they worked with different instruments. With them, students moved from improvisation to music creation in a coordinated manner under the direction of one of the participants.

In conclusion, the activity achieved the task of implementing and internalizing, through music, the concepts of communication, coordination and leadership presented at the beginning of the activity.