A year ago, I was in Buenos Aires, willing to live South American Business Forum 2009. I had been selected as one of its 100 participants. That was how, without really knowing what I would find though I had exchanged several emails with other students, I was anxiously waiting for the forum to begin.

Today, a year after, I still have spare words (and have no doubts I will keep on having them)  to express and define those three days in Buenos Aires and what has been happening after that. I have no doubts and can firmly affirm: SABF was, is and will always be an amazing life experience.

Since that experience, I have been in contact with many people from different parts of the world. As time goes by, I’ve been able to talk to other SABF editions participants, delegates and members of different SABF organizing team aside from the year 2009.** One of the many things SABF taught me was to share knowledge, ideas and achievements**. Those of us who have been part of SABF know what I’m speaking about. Suddenly, we have a new group of friends with whom we debate, speak, share moments, ideas, university summaries, pictures, trips, and so on.

During those three days of October, I got to know María Lasa, a young student from Córdoba, Argentina. A few months later, María invited me to be part of one of her projects, TodoJóvenes. I accepted and I became part of the team, together with some other SABF 2009 participants. This has been one of the challenges from which I’ve learnt the most.

My work in TodoJovenes made me more inquisitive and let me search for academic opportunities on daily basis. Aside from posting news on our website, I send emails to SABF community with academic opportunities, such as scholarships, congresses, conferences. With this vast flow of emails, I’m happy to recognize I’ve helped some sabfers to get to live wonderful experiences. It’s been less than a week since two sabfers were selected for two international events.

María Lasa (sabfer 2009) will be representing Argentina in Brussels, Belgium. She was rewarded with the first international place thanks to her essay and she will attend two international conferences: Strengthening Responsible Business and Governance in Africa and Ethics in Business – CCS World Youth Forum at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Gonzalo Huertas (sabfer 2009 & 2010) will represent us in Austria, Vienna when he travels, in november, to the Peter Drucker Academy since he’s achieved the 6th place in the Peter Drucker Challenge.

To both of them, our most sincere congratulations.

SABF, thanks for all these days in which we were able to meet each other. Thanks for all the projects sabfers have begun. Thanks to all of you for your immeasurable effort, willingness and happiness. We believe this is what SABF is about: **creating bonds, sharing ideas and building the work that will help us improve, little by little, the world we are.**We will be always grateful.

We kindly invite all of those who are interested to join this incredible experience. Soon, there will be more information available about SABF 2011. And those that have had the amazing opportunity of living SABF, I invite you to keep on connecting among ourselves, sharing information, enjoying and growing.

Patricia Soledad Fernández Bugna, in collaboration with Juan Ignacio Catalano (SABF 2007 & 2010), Gustavo Pedrazzoli (SABF 2009), Nicolás Rojas (SABF 2009), Luca Cafici (SABF 2009), Evelin Monti (SABF 2009 & 2010) and Gonzalo Huertas (SABF 2009 & 2010).