This session, moderated by Félix Peña, specialist in International Economic Relations and Economic Integration, and director of the Trade Institute of Fundación Standard Bank, aimed to discuss how young people, agents of change could act to benefit and promote change and development around the globe.

Enlightened by their own experiences and economic work, Bernardo Kosacoff, ex-director of CEPAL – United Nations in Argentina, and Juan Carlos de Pablo, Economic consultant and journalist, presented their visions for the future.

In first instance, Kosacoff pointed out key shared issues among global succesful experiences, without pretending to copy them but to discover relevant factors in this development. Among them, he emphasized in the importance of having clear rules of the game, based on a constructed confidence. Particularly in Argentina, Kosacoff spok about the volatilidad in the social and political agendas, the consecuent social problems arizing from it, and the short termed vision as sensible points in the economic development.

On the other hand, de Pablo emphasized the fact that is impossible to know what will happen in the future. Nonetheless, the key is in incorporar the basic concepts to solve problems, more than up-to-date tecnical concepts. This are, from his point of view, the elements that sostienen the necessary structure so as to achieve development. Recalling Kosacoff, he added to the volatility the concept that in history there always have been a pendulum. This means that although we had crisis, this doesn’t meen the end of capitalism, and that’s why we should give relative importance to studying history and learning therefore form our ancestors. This is why he impulsó the students attending the conference to put all their energy in learning to think since their first jobs, no matter if they match their studies or aspirations.

To conclude they focused their respective personal speech of development in the long term, either from personal, as from professional points of view.