SABF 2010 closed its first day of debate with its Conclusions presented by Rob Britton, principal of Airlearn and former Adviser to the Chairman and Advertising Director, American Airlines.

During his presentation, Britton make not a summary of the most important things about the first day of conference, but the ones that “stuck in his mind” during the day. He mentioned the words from Molina Pico about the need of curiosity. He pointed out the important role of values Esteban Corio reminded in his presentation. He considered as remarkable the humble position from Santiago Ardissone, Juan Carlos de Pablo and Bernardo Kosacoff as they admitted the inability to predict the future in every aspect. He also recalled the concept presented by Otmar Hübscher: “Consumer Responsibility”. Finally, he described as refreshing Bergman’s speech from a spiritual point of view, and Freire’s story from an entrepreneurship point of view.

Later, he gave the opportunity for participants to comment and make questions. Among the interventions made, participants asked more about their possibilities of participation to improve our development, whether as consumers or as professionals.