Having joined the SABF Experience in 2009 made possible not only a quite important change of direction from that raised in the beginning, but now it continues constantly changing.

This experience cannot be described easily. It is not a congress, nor a party, not a conference, not some sort of workshop, not a cultural exchange… I mean… it is impossible to link it to a single word or expression. It is the union of a group of students from different cultures, situations and problems, with varied interests and nurtured proposals, who come together to discuss and try to shape solutions to global issues.

But what really explains the difference of this experience is that “group of students”. Over these last couple of years, I have realized that these words fall short to define the group of young people that join SABF, because not anyone is able to participate. We are a group of people that wants to know reality, exchange experiences, understand how countries and societies work, try the contact with business and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. Young people who want to be leaders, who are ambitious with their professional future, who do not want to go through this world as anyone else. SABF lets any interested student participate in these type of experiences and I can assure you, it is worth it.

Since 2009, I could not only meet a remarkable group of people (whom I’m still today in contact) but I have approached other new experiences such as the International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway and the World Business Dialogue in Cologne, Germany in addition to being able to participate for the second time in SABF 2011. In all these experiences, the SABFers we met before and those who had not, struck up a close knit group instantly and allowed us to feel that no matter the country to which we travelled, we always played as the local team. The most important fact was that the other participants of these conferences recognized the union between SABFers and became interested in the SABF experience.

This group clearly has a differential, wanting to improve day after day and take advantage of both professional and personal opportunities. The attitude of constant improvement and humility and, above all, the passion for contributing in a permanent way for our Earth to be a better place gives birth to amazing synergy between all of us, a great outcome we’ve been maintaining along all these years (and we’ll keep on doing through the upcoming ones).

Opportunities exist. Do not let the train go.

Apply now and join the 2012 Sabf Experience! Visit www.sabf.org.ar before 6-5-12.