**Just two days away from the submission deadline**, we wanted to update you on more speakers who will be participating in the South American Business Forum 2011 Edition. The event will bring 40 internationally renowned speakers together with 100 outstanding students who will debate and share their ideas about this year’s Main Topic: [Facing Exponential Times](http://www.sabf.org.ar/forum/main-topic). **You can also be a part of the 2011 SABF, [applying](http://apply.sabf.org.ar/) before Friday, May 6th.**


R. Viswanathan
Former General Consul of India in Sao Paulo, Ambassador in Venezuela, and Head of the Latin American and Caribbean division at the Ministry of External Affairs. Current Ambassador of India to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay since 2007. Authored several articles about businesses in Latin America, published in newspapers, magazines and business journals of India, Latin America, and the USA. Lectures in chambers of commerce, think tanks and universities in several cities around India and Latin America. Writes about businesses in Latin America in his personal blog.

Bernardo Kosacoff
Member of the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL-United Nations) and Director of the Office in Buenos Aires since 2002. Graduated with a degree in Economics and worked in diverse well-known institutions and organizations like (BID) and (IDES). Received the “Konex Platinum Award” for his work during the years 1997-2006 in “Economic Development”. He wrote recognized books like “Argentina and the Internationalization of Production: Crisis and Opportunities”.

****Javier Braun
He founded his own technology company while pursuing his second year degree in information systems. Afterwords, he managed a family business for three years before returning to the information systems field where he worked for IBM Argentina and USA for almost nine years. He was Apple’s General Director for South America and currently works as Director of Avaya for the same region.

Claudio Fernandez Araoz
Member of Egon Zehnder International’s Global Executive Committee for over 10 years, he works in management evaluations, professional development and intellectual capital. Mr. Fernandez Araoz has been selected multiple times by Business Week as one of the most influential search consultants in the world. He wrote “Great People Decisions”, a highly acclaimed book adopted by many global organizations and leading business schools. He is also regular speaker at different events in America, Europe and Asia.