A few months away from our SABF 2011 edition, we are very happy to tell you more about new speakers confirmed for the forum. We remind you that you will be receiving results regarding the selection process in the coming weeks via email.

Estanislao Bachrach
Director of Business, Economics and Executive Programs of Education in Biology and Creative Innovation at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella where he is also a professor. Additionally, he serves as President of the Fundación Crimson, an organization whose mission is to lead and organize educative programs in Latin America. He is also a pediatric instructor in the Harvard Health School and was one of the speakers in TEDxRosario.

Fin Goulding
Vice President of the Global Development Center of Sabre Holding’s (Buenos Aires). Mr. Gouldin is known for his knowledge in training, assessment, leadership development and personal branding. While working working with Sabre, Travelocity and lastminute.com, he held workshops and training activities all around the world while. He has also worked as Senior Manager of IT in companies such as First Data Europe, Visa International, HSBC Bank and Nat West Bank in Europe and served as the Senior Vice President of Technological Solutions at VISA in San Francisco.

Ernesto Taboada
Executive Director of the Commerce of Chamber Argentina-China, expert in comercial relations with China and countries from Southern Asia. Mr. Taboada is also a university professor on issues related to business and trade with China, business culture, and access to different markets. He specializes in institutional relationships, international commerce, communication and public relations.

Álvaro Teijeiro
Founded, in 2002, together with his brother, FnBox; a company composed of three business units focused on different services that digitally connect people. Those holdings include the most important Latin American social network, Sónico, which has more than 50 millon users that speak Spanish and Portuguese. At Sonico, he works in the area of development.