Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you all to the SABF Blog, which is, with this message, officially opened.

For those who are unaware of what the SABF is, I will define it in a few lines:

A three-day conference held annually, where 100 university students from all around the world and 40 business, political and intellectual leaders gather****in Buenos Aires, Argentina**. ** It is organized by a team made of 16 students of ITBA, aiming to contribute to the development of South America by means of dialogue and action.

To contribute to the development of South America… If it is the first time you have read this phrase, don´t tell me it didn´t catch your attention. What is this about contributing to the development of South America?

The basis of the SABF is debate and interaction between all the participants and that, after these three days of activities, each one of us becomes aware of the possibilities we have to change the reality in a positive way. Bearing in mind the different cultures, perspectives and experiences lived which are shared in the event, it is what really happens.

When taking action after three days of the Forum, whether it is by creating a company, working in a NGO or simply by becoming a living example for the others, we are contributing to the development of South America; and this is what the SABF is about.

When thinking of how to improve this debate which characterizes the Forum, the Blog came up as the solution. We believe that it is the piece missing to generate an exchange that goes beyond the event and has its peak in it.

Our intention is that the SABF Blog is where students from all around the world, press and jury members, organizers and past and future speakers may dialogue and exchange ideas and perspectives regarding world topical issues and those directly related with the theme of the Forum to be held in August.

This is why we, as organizers, will be providing information of interest and making our greatest effort so that this space becomes the most valuable and fruitful possible for all.

I trigger you to debate, challenge and exchange ideas, always in a respectful way.

Thank you very much for your time!