Have you started to write your essay? The application deadline is this **Sunday, May 11th at 24.00 hs. **(Time of Argentina)… But you still have got time, take advantage of the weekend! We do encourage you to participate in this amazing opportunity. You won´t have the opportunity to share ideas hand in hand with such outstanding people and students from around the world every day in such a wonderful city as Buenos Aires!!

Don´t forget you must choose one of the three sub-topics that come from the main topic *“Empowering Agents of Change” *which engage issues like institutions, entrepreneurship and resources. In the The Forum section of our web-page you will find a description of each sub-topic. To avoid any kind of inconvenience, we recommend not to wait until the last moment to submit your essay. Remember you may change all the information submitted (even the essay) until the application deadline.

The essay is the main piece of the evaluation process made by the jury in order to select the 100 participants. Remember that the essay extension goes from 1200 to 1600 words and all kind of figures, statistics or graphics that allow deeper analysis may be included. Remember NOT to include your name in the essay document. Do you need more information about the characteristic of the essay? Visit the Register section of our web site!

If you have any doubts, you already know that you can send us an email to students@sabf.org.ar. The entire Student Relations Department is waiting for your inquiries! =)