What can you do to shape the City of your Dreams?

In this opportunity we want to invite you to participate in a event organised by the World Bank, the Cities Alliance and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is after your practical ideas. On its 5th edition it will try to find solutions to shape our actual cities into the cities of our dreams.

Essays can be submitted online in English, French, Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese. The essay must answer to the three questions raised: What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for people living in your city?; What needs to be done to transform your city into the city of your dreams?; What could be your role, working together with your peers, in shaping the city of your dreams?. Creativity and the use of thoughtful and concrete proposals will be considered.

You can submit your essay until March 23, 2008 entering to the website www.essaycompetition.org. The competition is open for students and non-students alike, aged 18-25. Students enrolled in Ph.D. courses are not eligible to participate.

Awards will be given on June during the ABCDE Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The winner will receive 5000 USD and the other finalists 100U SD. The World Bank will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the finalists.

For further information, please visit their website: www.essaycompetition.org.