By means of this interview we kindly invite you to join and get to know what’s REAC, a Network of Entrepreuners and Change Agents that crosses frontiers and is formed by participants of SABF 2008 y 2009: Andrea Yriberry Saavedra, Guillermina Müller, Daniel Ponce Gandarillas, Felipe Valencia-Dongo, Patricia Soledad Fernández Bugna and Guido Weber.

SABF: What’s REAC?

Guido: REAC (Red de Emprendedores y Agentes de Cambio/*Network of Entrepreuners and Change Agents). *REAC is a philosophy of constant change searching for common welfare and sustainable development in the regions where we live. It’s the meeting space of people who are committed to act as change agents ensuring a better quality of life for current and future generations. With REAC we pretend to play a more active role inside our societies. By means of the motivation towards the entrepreneurial culture and the joint actions of each of its members, we are willing to become real agents of change and progress creators. We want REAC to be the starting point for high profile projects of different issues, like, for example, social, business, environmental and others. The premise is the creation of opportunities based upon the interaction of the members by means of a trustworthy network grounded with values of respect, honesty and fraternity.

SABF: How did REAC started and how have you been developing it?

***Guido:**REAC finally begins after a long thread of emails and exchange of ideas regarding what could we do to promote change. The idea starts with a pair of students who got to know each other during *SABF*2008. Andy, Guille, Dani, Feli and myself gathered in Skype more than a year ago and started dividing the tasks so that the project became something real. **We never hesitate when saying ***SABF achieved it’s commitment: Empowering agents of change. This group, with the members from different nationalities gathered round to contribute to that so wished change, for one and each of us. Some time before finally launching the project, Pati (SABF 2009 participant), joined the group and provided us with the required energy we needed for REAC to burst out with more strength.

***SABF: What did your SABF experience provided you with in terms of the project and your personal lifes? ***

Guido: Well… SABF shows that things are possible, the change begins with ourselves and it is necessary to play an active role as change agents so that “things happen”. Personally speaking, all issues related to resources and the environment became really important to me, but, what moved me the most was the “democratization” of knowledge; the fact and need of making it more public and as viral as possible so that all common people get to know about the situation we are going through, now.

SABF: How come youngsters get involved?

Guido: Sharing ideas and telling us their “Successful Cases”. If they are working for a better world, any single sand granite contributes to the overall results we need. We are interested in knowing those stories and, what’s even more important, diffusing them.

We kindly thank all SABFERS who are willing to write WITH us to contact us. :)****