The International Student Energy Summit (ISES) is an international congress to be held in Calgary, Canada on June 11-13 2009. The conference is entirely organized by a group of students looking for creative ideas and contributions on the global energy transition that the world is entering. For its inaugural edition, the meeting will take place in Calgary, which is the Canadian energy capital, home to about 2000 energy industry companies.

The conference will focus on three main pillars that address today’s key energy issues: Global Energy Cooperation, Technology & Innovation and Finance, Regulation and Sustainability. On this occasion, worldwide energy leaders will participate along 500 students from different disciplines. Samuel Biondo, US department of Energy, Gustav Grob, Executive Secretary ISEO/ICEC and John Huckerby, Executive Officer of AWATEA, will be some of the featured speakers. The meeting will not only have lectures, but it will also include brainstorming sessions, case studies and networking opportunities.

If you are interested in the conference, you can register now by paying a fee of $ 695 CAD, which covers access to the conference, conference materials and meals. However, there is also a contest through which you can obtain a subsidy which covers the conference fee and also gives you accommodation for 4 days in Calgary. To enter the contest you must produce a presentation which focuses on an energy issue that is relevant to your region, discussing how it is impacting your region and proposing creative solutions that could help solve the issue. Submissions must be in one of two forms, video or essay. For further information, please visit the official site.