Every year, the South American Business Forum (SABF) becomes more important in America and all around the world, and during 2012 Guatemala does not want to be the exception. That is why on Tuesday, February 28 the SABF Delegate in Guatemala, Luisa María Fajardo, gave a lecture which was heard by more than 35 university students who were interested in learning and knowing what the SABF is. Gathered in the auditorium I-100 of the “Universidad del Valle de Guatemala” from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., young people did not need much to be interested and to want to participate in an international conference for current and future leaders. Apart from having the presence of students from the “Universidad del Valle de Guatemala” we also had the opportunity to be with representatives from the “Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala”, “Universidad Rafael Landívar” and “Universidad del ISTMO”.

**Delegate’s Experience (L. Fajardo)
***“I will not deny that I felt nervous while standing in front of everybody and beginning the *conference. I decided that it would be a good introduction to show the SABF 2012 Official Video, and I could not have chosen better. It was just awesome how projecting the video, began to reflect interest and enthusiasm on the facial expressions of those present, I watched them beginning to take notebooks and pencils to take note of the information. As I started talking nerves disappeared and I could tell them my experience by presenting photographs and anecdotes. Then, they commented that one of the reasons that discourage them from applying is the airfare from Guatemala to Argentina, but I emphasized that I was a clear example of “where there’s a will there’s a way”. Using my personal experience and the Media Kit that the SABF Team prepared for their delegates I achieved a successful lecture and I hope to have many applicantns and future representatives from Guatemala in this edition of the SABF. “

**Young college experience (Crysta Valley)
**“On February 28 I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Maria Luisa Fajardo, where he spoke about the South American Business Forum. Personally I had never heard about this important event in South America before. Louise informed us well what it is about,why they organize this conference and how to apply in order to be one of the 100 students that attend every year. I found it very interesting because we were able to account for the personalities that go to Argentina to this forum, and how sharing those days with so many people is really educational and a great experience. Louise also told us her own experience in 2011, and we realized it was not just going to a new country, but that you also learn a lot. The SABF is definitely an activity I would like to attend. I will follow the instructions to apply and I am convinced that going to this great forum in Argentina would be an unforgettable experience and a great learning possibility. In a near future, I can see myself in Argentina enjoying the SABF just as Luisa Fajardo did.”