The “Global Engagement Summit” (GES) is an annual meeting organized by about 60 undergraduate students from Northwestern University (Illinois, USA). Its main goal is to build the capacity of the next generation of global change leaders to cross borders and partner with new communities to produce responsible, innovative, sustainable solutions to shared global programs. The summit began in the year 2005 as an attempt to develop better training for students participating in on-the-ground international development and social entrepreneurship and to put driven students in touch with one another and with innovative nonprofit leaders. The GES has grown with time, and it’s founding members have established a center that helps in the international immersion of programs.

The workshop will be held in Northwestern University’s campus located in Evanston, Illinois, on April 8-12 2009. There will be workshops and critical discussions to help participants have the tools to move beyond their “good intentions” to produce real change. Development of skills and resources will be some of the many topics in the agenda.

If you are a motivated student who wants to generate real, plausible change in the world, and have designed a project to achieve it, do not hesitate to apply for a place in the GES. You will not only improve your capacity to generate change in the world, but also access new resources to help you do it. Do not miss out on this opportunity!
What: Global Engagement Summit
When: April 8-12 2009
Where: Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (USA)
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