The SABF’s main goal is to raise awareness and foster the debate on our capability to contribute to sustainable development. In order to achieve this, not only the participants will have access to the ideas presented during the forum. All those interested in seeing the SABF in action will be able to virtually witness the conference’s first day.

From its official website, the SABF opens its doors to all those interested in partaking in an enriching event, based on the exchange of ideas in international panels that will give us perspective on the challenge posed by current reality and its various facets.

During the transmission, you will see how Santiago Bilinkis, Officenet’s co-founder and CEO, opens the SABF’s 2011 edition with a presentation on future technological tendencies and thier challenges, inspired in his experience at Singularity University. Next, Claudio Fernández Aráoz, member of the World Executive Commitee of Egon Zehnder International, will question the keys of leadership in these exponential times when the knowledge society demands leaders who are increasingly prepared for complex environments.

During the afternoon, the debate on world economy and the BRIC group will be carried by Enrique Szewach, Reinaldo Salgado and R. Viswanathan. Plenary sessions will then be presented by Manuel Álvarez Trongué, who will discuss the vision of education as key to the future and how to reach it without being conditioned by our background, and Guy Sorman, who will compare the different conceptions of economy that exist between Latin America and the rest of the world. Finally, Diego Luzuriaga will summarize the main conclusions of each presentation, guiding participants through the analysis of the main ideas discussed during the first day of the forum.

With a total transimission of 10 hours and 9 of the best speakers the SABF has to offer, we invite you to enjoy the forum’s latest edition from on Friday August 5th, and follow the whole event from our blog and our twitter account: You can be a witness today and a protagonist tomorrow!