Is there an event that brings together students of engineering, philosophy, law, and a long etcetera, all in one place for three days?

Yes, the South American Business Forum. Anyway, we're guessing that if you've made it this far it's because you already know what the SABF is, and you're probably debating whether or not to apply to this year's conference. If that's the case, you've landed on the right site.

Why do we trust the institutions that we trust? Does it make sense for the nation-state to continue to exist? How much personal information are we exposing every time we go online? Will artificial intelligence be able to completely replace the function of a human being? If these are questions that stir something inside you, at the SABF you'll be able to explore the answers to these and more questions with international-level speakers, debates, and workshops where you will be constantly exposed to new ideas and perspectives.

The 100 selected participants are the ones who bring the conference to life, young people who have the same desire as you to make a positive impact on their community and society. The SABF is a meeting point of the cultures and diverse backgrounds of the world, a space to co-create solutions to real-world problems, chat, and even share a mate.

And a not so small detail: it's completely free. Thanks to our sponsors and donors, the SABF is able to cover 100% of the participants' expenses from the minute they set foot in the City of Buenos Aires. There are no admission, accommodation, meals, or transportation costs during the three days of the conference.

So no matter if you are a freshman, graduated less than a year ago, or are anywhere in between: you can't miss this opportunity. You have 3 days left to apply!